Why Croydon needs to license landlords

Welcome to Generation Rent Croydon! We have only just started out, but the creation of this campaign couldn’t have come at a more important time.

The council is considering whether to start licensing landlords across the borough – standards in the private rented sector are appalling and because competition for housing is so fierce, people are having to put up with conditions that can be harmful to health.

Licensing can start to change all that. By requiring landlords to have a licence in order to rent out their properties, the council can weed out the bad ones who don’t pass the criteria. Rather than spending months prosecuting one criminal, the council can ban all of them in one fell swoop. And those who are not currently meeting the standards but want to can be helped by the new system to comply.

Landlord groups are trying to resist any kind of regulation and will be fighting this, but just as you would expect the maker of your prawn sandwich to be regulated, you would want your landlord to meet a few rules before letting you live in his property.

Please sign the petition here.

We have a lot more in the pipeline and will be organising a meeting soon, so please let us know if you want to help campaign for better renting in Croydon.


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