General Election: April Ashley, TUSC

April Ashley, Croydon Central candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, has provided her case for the votes of Croydon's renters.

I support the demand to register private landlords to ensure safe accommodation as we are aware how dangerous and the very bad condition of much private rented accommodation. I have also campaigned for rent control within UNISON as a local government worker and trade union rep.

Our local union branch has passed a motion supporting rent control and against the 'right to buy' as we believe the lack of council housing has directly led to the astronomical rise in private rents. Of course I support security of tenure in private accommodation. I have knowledge of how unsettling it is for families having to regularly move especially for children whose education is badly impacted upon. My neighbours had to regularly move with their children and the kids found it particularly upsetting and very difficult to settle in school.  

As an MP for Croydon Central I will be campaigning for all of the above.

Generation Rent Croydon has invited all other candidates to contribute to this series.


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