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License Croydon's Landlords

Croydon Council is consulting on introducing licensing of private landlords in the borough. This would make it easier for the council to crack down on landlords who are breaking the law, stop repeat offenders from renting out homes and improve standards in the rest of the sector.

You can complete the council's online survey here, but please also add your name to our petition in support of the plans.

We, the undersigned,

Call for the licensing of all private landlords in the London Borough of Croydon, for the following reasons:

  1. In 2013/14, Croydon Council received 1371 complaints from private renters and over a five month period dealt with 104 cases of illegal eviction and harassment from landlords
  2. Landlords make very significant rental revenues and capital gain, yet often allow their tenants to live in sub-standard conditions.
  3. Licensing would allow the council to carry out pre-licensing inspections of property, support for landlords wishing to improve and the banning from the Borough of those landlords who are unfit to provide this essential service.
  4. Landlords taking tenants without first having a licence would be liable to pay Rent Repayment Orders, providing an effective financial sanction for those seeking to avoid the licensing regime.

This petition will be submitted to the London Borough of Croydon as a response to its public consultation.

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    License Croydon's landlords & help drive the criminals out - sign @croydonrenters' petition here
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    License Croydon's landlords & help drive the criminals out - sign @croydonrenters' petition here
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